Want to earn money back or points towards future purchases? Check out our two programs to help you save and earn some $$$

Affiliate Program:

What are the perks? Earn 10% off each successful referral order plus money off your own orders and a discount to give to your followers if you wish!

Who is this for? Great for influencers and brands who love our brand and want to spread the word!

How do I sign up? Click HERE to sign up!

Loyalty Program:

What are the perks? Earn points with every purchase and earn bonus points through a few simple steps. 100 points = $1.00 earned. Simple as that!

Who is this for? Anyone and everyone! 

How do I sign up? Head to the "Rewards" drop down menu and click "Loyalty Program" and a pop up should appear or look for the little Rewards Icon in the bottom left of your screen!


Send us an email at info@simplynutrition.com with the subject line Affiliate Program or Loyalty Program to get started!