Random Wellness Co. is your space for all things simple nutrition and curated wellness by me, Nic, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Easy healthy recipes, articles, lifestyle hacks- everything you need in one place to practice intuitive nutrition + wellness. 

Sending health and good vibes your way!

Meet Nic

Nicole VanQuaethem is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for all things intuitive nutrition, wellness, lifestyle and interior design.

Raised on a family-owned farm near Tillsonburg, ON, Nic has always had a passion for food and nutrition from an early age. Like any other kid, Nic loved all things pizza, creamy pasta and chocolate-- mmm- and it became evident quickly Nic had a sensitivity to dairy. 

She had been experiencing digestive issues and they persisted throughout her university career. Any normal university girl is going to have some cocktails with friends, eat out and have the odd treat, but Nic still wondered why she still felt so rough.

As her symptoms continued to get worse, Nic visited a Holistic Nutritionist, who changed her entire way of thinking about nutrition

This nutritionist taught her about balanced eating principles, and opened her mind to a lifestyle change entirely-- which she took on. Things still weren't perfect. This time, she visited a naturopathic doctor to learn she had leaky gut. Nic was eventually diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2017, a rare but thankfully slow-growing lymphatic cancer. This diagnosis forced Nic to become more in tune with her body and use this intuition to address other health conditions.

Her approach to nutrition now focuses on listening to the body, eating intuitively and achieving balance- physically AND mentally. Combing a Holistic Nutrition Certification, Master's Degree in local food systems, and personal, intuitive health journey into one, Nic brings a unique perspective to her educational resources. Nic’s personal journey also shows her clients and following that you can still be healthy and feel great, while managing those curveballs life throws your way.

You can catch the full story of Nic’s health journey here.