What is means to be a HOLISTIC nutritionist and why lifestyle habits are just as important as nutrition

What is means to be a HOLISTIC nutritionist and why lifestyle habits are just as important as nutrition

Do you really know what a holistic nutritionist is and what they do?⁠

Holistic nutritionists not only focus on what foods to eat BUT lifestyle and other factors such as:⁠

💆‍♀️stress management⁠
👩‍🌾quality of food⁠
👩‍🍳relationship with food⁠
💩optimizing digestion⁠
👩‍💻balancing hormones⁠
💦proper hydration⁠
and more!⁠

Although nutrition is key, without proper sleep, stress management, and movement, you may still experience imbalances! ⁠

I get it, it may seem overwhelming to change your eating habits AND also tackle things like sleep and stress but you don't have to do it alone! Sure, focusing on sleep, stress, mindfulness and other lifestyle habits all seems great but where the heck are you supposed to start?⁠ Some of the high level things I suggest are:⁠

〰️creating a consistent sleep schedule⁠
〰️creating boundaries around technology ⁠
〰️finding ways to reduce stress that work for YOU⁠
〰️moving your body in a way that feels good to YOU⁠
〰️be ok with taking breaks - usually the hardest!⁠
〰️then depending on the client perhaps things like dry brushing, mindful eating, meditation, and so on⁠

One of the main examples I share with people is someone with digestive imbalances who eats well and exercises but still has issues because they are constantly in a state of fight or flight.⁠ Unfortunately, its usually the last thing people want to hear and myself included many days 😅⁠

Yes, my Gut Rescue program is focused on gut health but there is only so much eating healthy and movement can help.⁠ As I mentioned before, nutrition is key BUT in holistic nutrition we look at the body systems and how they can be supported.⁠

This program includes⁠
〰️custom cookbook to help you feel inspired in the kitchen⁠
〰️initial consultation and follow up calls which can all be done in the comfort of your own home!⁠
〰️custom protocol with food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations⁠
〰️access to the online chat function so you can ask questions whenever you need support⁠
〰️weekly check-ins⁠
〰️additional resources⁠
〰️Holistic Wellness Roadmap Ebook ⁠
〰️Supplement discounts⁠
〰️and more!⁠

I have been talking a lot about how important it is to think about taking HOLISTIC approach to your health but I still want to emphasize that nutrition is a main focus when we work one-on-one.⁠

Sometimes it can be custom menu plans for people who are just looking for some inspiration in the kitchen or for individuals how may have found out they are allergic or sensitive to certain foods and are overwhelmed in the kitchen.⁠

Then there are my Nutrition Newbie clients where we work on things like:⁠
〰️health goals and needs⁠
〰️creating balanced meals⁠
〰️grocery shopping⁠
〰️cooking, pantry, and meal prep tips⁠
〰️accountability ⁠
〰️custom cookbooks⁠
〰️and more!⁠

And we can't forget about the Gut Rescue people which I chatted about yesterday who learn how to:⁠
〰️remove and reintroduce trigger foods⁠
〰️how to have a healthy relationship with food whether or not they have to remove foods⁠
〰️finding new and fun alternatives to the foods they loved⁠
〰️and reducing the overwhelm!⁠

Again, whether you need some cooking inspiration, want to learn more about eating healthy or need more in-depth and long-term support, I am here to meet you where you at are at!⁠ Email me at info@simplynicnutrition.com to book a FREE discovery call!

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