Top 10 tips to organize your healthy pantry

Talking about pantry organization may not be the sexiest topic but I have my Top 10 tips to organize your healthy pantry that you need to try! I have been an organization freak since I was a kid so this is something that probably brings me more joy than it should.

Although its nice to have an aesthetically pleasing pantry, organizing your pantry properly can actually help you with your healthy eating and living lifestyle.

Let me explain...

Have you ever opened up a cookbook and it requires things that are buried in the back of your cupboards or a small appliance that you have in that impossible-to-reach cupboard above your stove? Let's be real, you're going to go for the quickest and safest option which may not be the healthiest.

When I go into my kitchen I don't want there to be any barriers to cooking a healthy meal. Yes, sometimes I am tired or lazy and just don't want to cook but when I am in the mood I don't want to be held up because I have to wait for my husband to reach my food processor for me or have to sift through a bunch of expired canned goods or stale crap.

Now before I give you some tips, yes, you can go all out like The Home Edit, and get all the fancy organization containers but there are also some cheaper options as well! Please tell me I am not the only one obsessed with the Home Edit...

So let's get started!

  1. This is probably one of the easiest and most fun steps but go through Pinterest or check out my favorite organizer, The Home Edit for some inspiration.
  2. If you have the budget then you may want to consider getting some fun things to help you organize. I would also encourage you to do some rough measurements and sketches of your pantry so you don't over buy.
    1. If you ever wondered why a lot of kitchen organization containers are clear, it's because it allows you to see what is actually inside the container. From a health perspective, it's a nice visual reminder to cook with those healthy ingredients.
  3. If you don't have a big budget no problem! I recommend getting glass mason jars from the hardware store. You can also get bins from the Dollar Store but I would only recommend them for organizing packaged goods to avoid toxins getting into your food.
  4. Before you do anything else, clear out your entire pantry. I mean it. Take everything out and put it on your counter or kitchen table.
  5. Next, go through everything and throw out expired goods, and set aside anything you know you won't use that may be able to get donated. This also goes for random plates you were gifted 10 years ago or kitchen gadgets that you know you won't utilize moving forward. No offense to your panini press or anything but when is the last time you really used that thing consistently?
  6. You can either start to put stuff back OR you can head to the grocery store and stock up on some healthy food.
  7. Buy in bulk. One easy way to organize your pantry, as I mentioned earlier, is using glass mason jars to not only keep food fresh and make it easier to see but to also allow you to buy certain ingredients in bulk which can actually save you money over time. I recommend buying flours, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and other baking ingredients in bulk. I even have some loose leaf teas I keep in a jar in order for them to stay fresh. PLUS it looks super cute and bonus points if you add labels.
  8. Label your containers and jars. First, because you might be surprised by how quickly you forget which flour is in which jar but also because you can tape or write on nutrition facts, expiry dates, or cooking instructions on the back of a container. For example, maybe you have some dried legumes from a package. You can cut out the cooking directions and tape them on the back where no one can see them.
  9. Keep small appliances in reach. When cooking healthy you may notice that you use things like a food processor or blender more often. Make sure they are on your counter (without cluttering your workspace) or in an easy-to-access area!
  10. This should probably be included in the planning stages but I recommend you create designated sections in your pantry and even your fridge and freezer. This will make it easier to track where things are and keep it nice and organized. For example, a baking section, canned good section, boxed good section, back stock area, snack section, and so on

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