This is the year of QUANTUM LEAPS + you’re going to want to make the most of it.

2022 is a BIG YEAR + Pisces season invites you to manifest your highest level vision for your life. 

The theme of 2020 was death of rigid systems + power structures in your life + our culture. This was mirrored in Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto’s transits through Capricorn. We saw our collective structures crumble in 2020 as our lives were turned upside down. You were forced to re-examine what was working… and what aspects of your life you didn’t want to return to “normal”.

2021 was about tension + struggle between old structures (Saturn) and a new, revolutionary change (Uranus). Saturn + Uranus were in square for all of 2021. Our inner and outer worlds mirrored this struggle. 
Many of you faced new parts of yourselves, new visions for your lives, and big changes. You may have struggled to integrate these shifts as the old way of being tugged at your ankles and pressured you to stay stagnant.

2022 began with a Venus and Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn — inviting you to revise your idea of success + achievement. 
This year did not start with a bang, but a slow and thoughtful reflection period. You have been asked to review what aspects of your life you are willing to shed, and what new systems + structures might serve you in the long term. Not just in terms of accomplishment, but what would serve you as a whole human, in connection with your full life — your relationships, families, communities, and your connection to the earth. 

In April 2022, Neptune + Jupiter will make a conjunction in Pisces — inviting you to expand your dreams beyond what you think is possible...

And in August 2022 — the North Node will be joined by Uranus. Bringing QUANTUM LEAPS towards new visions + revolutionary ways of being.

2022 is the rebirth we are ready for, after 2 years of disassembling our lives + our societies.
This Pisces season, we have a very rare occurrence of both rulers of Pisces (Neptune + Jupiter) sitting in their home sign along with the sun. These planets bring dreamy abundance and unlock the weaving of destiny through time + space into our current reality. 
Neptune is ethereal and other-wordly. Neptune in Pisces reminds you that the separation you feel in time + space are an illusion, that anything is possible, and that all of reality is interconnected in the quantum field of pure potential. 
Jupiter in Pisces taps you into expansive visions of the future and the weaving of your most limitless dreams into present reality. Jupiter sprinkles your life with fairy dust, brings the impossible to life, and makes everything a little more abundant + magic. Synchronicities abound and fantasy merges with reality as you dream your most creative ideas into being. 
Now, we also have Mars + Venus making a beautiful conjunction in Aquarius. These two lovers of the galaxy met up in Capricorn and asked you to take action to solidify your long term visions + dreams into concrete reality. Venus brings you in touch with what you deeply love, and Mars gives you the drive + willpower to amplify those things. 
I truly believe that it is your greatest mission on this Earth to find what you love, and then work to make the world a safer space for that thing. 
Venus + Mars together bring you in touch with exactly that energy. 
Now, these 2 planets have moved into Aquarius, inviting you to take bold action towards your most revolutionary ideas. Aquarius is the visionary, and any decisions made now should be made from your most visionary self. This is the version of you that believes in your greatest timeline + trusts that you can do anything. 
We all have this part of ourselves that knows that anything is possible. 
The one who sees possibility in the unknown + dares to think outside of the box. 
The one who boldly leaps towards risks that have the potential for great rewards and no certainty. 
This is the energy of your visionary self. And Venus + Mars in Aquarius are bringing bold action and fierce love to this aspect of yourself, if you can dare to listen. 
A big part of working with astrology is having the courage to face what we are collectively being asked to look at. Having the courage to step INTO the energy that is present in the cosmos instead of fight against these celestial cycles. 
The thing is… 
Even if you choose to ignore it, to pretend it’s not happening, and to look away… 
You’re still being affected by the rhythms of the planets. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not. 
This knowledge becomes POWER when you step into alignment with the flow of nature, instead of fighting it. Kind of like swimming against the current, you learn to surf the cosmic waves.
Unlocking astrology brings understanding + alignment with exactly what your soul was put here to do in this lifetime. Knowing your soul’s blueprint taps you into your natural strengths + gifts, and shows you the keys to turning your deepest wounds + darkest shadows into your medicine. 
Flowing with the rhythms of the stars + planets gives you a roadmap to life that is in sync with the laws of nature. It helps you embody exactly what the cosmic energies are inviting you into, and to do the inner work that is most supportive and aligned with what the planetary teachers have in store for you, in THIS MOMENT. 
The impacts of embodying this sacred wisdom on your path to transformation are quite literally limitless. 
I would be so honoured to guide you on your journey of Cosmic Connections. I’ve created a 6 month container to take you on a journey through the archetypes, to bring you into embodiment of the highest expression of each of the 12 zodiac energies. Each month we will meet online for the new + full moons to learn about the current planetary alignments, to study + embrace the cosmic archetypes, and to heal + evolve together in community. 
We begin on the new moon in Aries, April 1. Learn more HERE or get in touch with me directly by sending me a message on instagram. 
So much love, cosmic blessings, and may your year be filled with quantum leaps + dreamy magic. 
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