Third Trimester Updates

I am pretty sure I say this every time I am giving a pregnancy update but HOW is it that I am already writing this? Some days it feels like I have been pregnant for an endless amount of time and other days I am in a panic thinking about how close my due date is. I think COVID also adds to this seeing as some days seem to go by so slowly than other times you think about how long we have been in this weird pandemic world and you realize time literally flew by the past couple of years.

Third Trimester Updates

I was originally going to write a third-trimester updates blog post AND what pregnancy has taught me but after writing the updates section I realized this is probably better off as two blog posts! I am writing this somewhat prematurely as I am 32 weeks and still have a couple of months to go BUT I also don't want to hold this blog off for too long because if this babe comes early then this blog may never get written. With that being said, I have definitely noticed big shifts physically and mentally in my third trimester.

You know how everyone says the second trimester is the best time and that is when your energy comes back and you're supposed to be glowing... well that was NOT the case with me and my second trimester was still a struggle. I definitely better felt better than my first-trimester thanks to my nausea prescription but it wasn't until my third trimester when I could actually get through the day without a nap. I know this could change as this baby continues to grow quite rapidly but for now, I am going to embrace this late-onset second-trimester feeling.

Although my energy is better it's not amazing by any means and that is likely due to the weird changes in my sleep cycle. Prepregnancy I was known as the grandma in my group. I would go to bed early and also enjoyed waking up early even without needing an alarm. During my first trimester, I could take two naps and still go to bed early. In the second trimester, I was down to one nap and still sleeping well. The third trimester has been the opposite. I don't take naps as regularly during the day even if I am tired and stay up until freaking midnight. Even then I could stay up later but I try to force myself to sleep. Mind you, I am waking up later, closer to 8:00 am which I don't think I have ever done in my life, even as a kid, but during the night I also usually wake up from night sweats (thanks to hormones) and having to go pee at some point so even that sleep is very disrupted. If there was one thing I never struggled with considering all my health issues in the past, it has been sleep but this third trimester is really making me realize even the best of sleepers are susceptible to changes.

Now for my physical body. I can't remember if it was in my blog or a podcast but I started experiencing some pain in my low back and sciatica area during my second trimester. That actually subsided pretty well but then this new lower back pain arrived and it's FIERCE. Sometimes I can't even stand up straight for a solid minute after sitting because I legitimately feel stuck. It's honestly kind of comical and even with my stretches, getting outside for walks and changing where I work throughout the day doesn't help so I am just embracing it.

In terms of emotions...WOW. I have definitely been more emotional during this pregnancy. I am a Capricorn through and through so my emotions are pretty limited. Brendan is one of the few people who can really break down my wall with any ease. However, as soon as my third trimester hit I swear I had like 10 emotional breakdowns in a short period of time. I think it was a mix of holding in my emotions which is obviously not healthy, my hormones, and actually having a growing belly and feeling her move constantly. Everything got a lot more real super fast and we went from focusing on prepping material things (crib, clothes, etc.), to getting a new car and installing a car seat, watching breastfeeding videos, and talking about labour and delivery. Now every time I see a photo of a video of a newborn I literally say to Brendan "How is it that we will have one of those in X months". A part of me is being silly but another part of me is like holy heck I am not ready for this stage in my life yet also very much ready...does that make any sense?

To conclude this blog, I am feeling emotional highs and lows and physically feeling better and worse all at the same time. Regardless this babe is coming and we are SO excited even if that means more back pain and crying outbursts!


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