The Importance of Getting Outside

I grew up in the country, with a big yard, and with lots of privacy so I often took for granted the Importance of Getting Outside.  After recently moving back to the city for the first time since university, I am already noticing the effects it's having. And, I am going to experience my first summer in a city full-time which makes me a bit uneasy.

When the weather cools down, it can be harder to get outside. Here are my top tips to get outside in the fall when the weather starts to cool off

Why is that?

Well, growing up and not living close to anyone, going outside was one of our main sources of entertainment. We would rollerblade, play sports, and build forts to keep ourselves busy. When I got older, I didn't necessarily do those things, but I was able to go for runs looking at fields, step outside even just for a few minutes to get some sun or fresh air, and lay outside on the weekends during the summer or have a campfire. This was such a good way for me to get vitamin D and destress.

But I am not the only one. Not getting enough vitamin D3 can actually cause depression in some individuals. Getting outside makes most of us destress, feel more energized, are able to concentrate better, and feel happier.

Interestingly enough, there is actually a common practice in Japan called Forest Bathing which has been studied and research indicates that this practice can lower blood pressure and support immune health. This alone shows how powerful nature can be.

What are some tips for going outside?

  • In the winter, even shoveling snow, walking to get the mail, or just going for a light walk or job if it's safe, are some ways to get fresh air and vitamin D
  • In the summer, take your lunch outside or have a work meeting outside
  • Outside of work and on the weekends, do outdoor activities with friends and family like outdoor meals, walks, going to the beach, etc.
  • Take your workout outdoors in your own yard or at a park if you don't have a yard
  • Read a book or do some work outside on your patio, in the park, or even in a forest!

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