Spiritual Healing and Plant Medicine by Hannah Schultz-Durkacz

Spiritual Healing and Plant Medicine is beautiful but not simple. Healing, as we know, is messy.

It’s not smooth or linear, clean or clear. Healing usually requires a breaking open, a tearing down, a destruction, a death, in order to clear away and make space for rebirth.

We see this process unfold in nature all the time; we know it is the way the cycle works. Life, Death, Life. The tower card in the Tarot deck. Our culture has pushed death into the corner, filing into tidy boxes away from view, based on the belief that death is the opposite of life.

This is the farthest thing from true. Death is part of life’s cycle. Deep down, we KNOW this. It is deeply embedded in our natural cycles and rhythms. Our deep wild wisdom knows that we need death.

I see the current moment we are facing as a collective as the Tower card in the Tarot. The moment when everything we have built: all the structures and foundations, the institutions, the power, the society, is undergoing massive transformation. In order to change, what was built must crumble.

We see this reflected in the astrological events of 2020, the Pluto - Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn (aka amplified transformation and rebirth of societal structures).

It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything that is crumbling in the world and begin to panic – our nervous systems don’t love this rapid change we are facing. It’s also necessary to feel the grief of the death and destruction we are experiencing as old paradigms perish. Transitions are hard, scary, and overwhelming. I in no way want to undermine the challenging nature of these times.

It is important to take care of your heart and to sooth your nervous system into a state of calm and ease as much as possible. Something that has helped me to do this is to look towards the future. To foster hope for what may be possible, and to think about what kind of world we want to create. As we begin to zoom out, to look at the bigger picture, I believe we are seeing the beginnings of a massive global shift in awareness.

“The Great Healing that is upon us is the healing of the earth and all her beings. We can assist that healing by healing ourselves and others with plant spirits. When we come into alignment with our true nature, a shift in consciousness takes place and we align with the larger nature.”

Spirit & Energy medicine

One of the most powerful current paradigm shifts is our spiritual connection. The loss of spirit has made our society a sick one, one that fails to care for the wellbeing of it’s home (the earth) and it’s inhabitants (humans, plants and animals).

Connecting with nature is the most essential way for us to restore our connection to spirit. Through nature we can easily see and experience the divine quality of all things, and restore our faith in something larger than the human intellect (read my post on this here).

The beauty of using nature to connect to spirit is that this approach inherently contains appreciation for that which is necessary to our survival and evolution: the planet and the plants. We know by now that a failure to honor and appreciate the natural world is fatal.

Our medicine and the earth’s medicine are one in the same.

We are spiritually starved, but there is no lack of spirit in our world. We have simply forgotten how to listen. Spirit exists in every being, in everything around us. The stream, the rocks, the trees, the earth; each has a spirit.

When we tune in and listen, we can connect to their frequency. Plants carry especially healing spirits and vibrations. We have co-evolved with plants, and they have evolved to offer us the healing we need.

Green Medicine & Sharing Breath

Have you ever experienced the sense of healing that comes from a day spent amongst the greenery of the forest or the field? Being in nature attunes us to a frequency that resonates through our beings.

We are nature too.

Light and colour are sometimes used to carry frequency or energy healing to people. It is no coincidence that the colour most prevalent in the natural world is green – the colour associated with our heart chakra.

Being in the presence of our green spirit friends can offer deeply nourishing healing, especially in a time when we have moved to urban centers and are no longer surrounded and grounded by green. The resonance with our heart’s energy field can be restored through time spent among the plants.

Have you ever considered that each and every breath you take was a gift from our plant allies?

Plants produce the oxygen we breathe, and they consume the carbon dioxide we exhale for their photosynthesis process. Each inhale and exhale is a cosmic exchange with the green beings around you.

Meditation Practice:

While out in nature, sit in meditation. You may wish to connect with a specific plant or the entire forest surrounding you. Consciously feel into your breath. Imagine each inhale coming into your body flowing from the plants to you. Imagine your exhales flowing directly back to the plants. Continue in this conscious exchange of energy and breath, noticing what you feel.

Flower Essences:

Flowers provide one of the most beautiful ways to connect with our spiritual healing through plants. Flower essences are magical, mystical, ritually prepared medicines that capture the frequency of vibration of a flower.

Flowers are the ultimate healing element of a plant. All the plant’s energy goes into producing it’s flower, it is like the crown of its spirit.

Flower essences use water to carry the vibrational frequency of the flower and infuse it into our hearts and spirits. They are used for emotional and spiritual healing – and each flower provides unique healing qualities.

If you want to learn more about flower essences and how to work with them, I encourage you to reach out to me directly!


Rewilding is a spiritual path home to our true nature. It is the path of connecting to spirit through the natural world. It is the healing that brings us home to ourselves, in a world that has pulled and pushed us so far away from the heart and soul of what truly matters.

Rewilding is reestablishing our connection to the earth, to community, and to ourselves. It is a unique journey but one that many of us may choose to walk together, as the old world crumbles and we are left to ask – what is it we wish to create?

Rewilding is a new paradigm, based in ancestral wisdom and ancient knowledge. It is a return to self – our true wilder self. It is a process of death of who and what we “should” be, and a remembering of who we truly are.

If you want to embark on your own Rewilding journey, get in touch with me to learn more about what I offer in this space.

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