Simple swaps to make healthy eating a breeze

Are you a nutrition newbie? Trust me, I have been there!

After learning more about holistic nutrition and doing a lot of my own research, I had to do a lot of trial and error in the kitchen.

I can still remember trying to make green smoothies with a crappy blender in university and thinking it was normal to have chunks in it 😐

But truthfully, even with the gross recipe creations, it was actually such a fun place to be.

I was able to learn how to fuel my body and have more energy, support my digestion, learn how to make cooking fun and easy and also try so many new foods and flavours.

Even then, I know that nutrition and healthy eating can still be super overwhelming.

Over time I realized many clients were asking about healthy alternatives and where to find things in the grocery store. Yes, I am all about gut health but sometimes we need to take a step back and focus on the basics.

That is why I created a quick guide to help get you started!


Wondering how to make your fridge and freezer a bit healthier or perhaps need some allergen-friendly swaps? Here are some quick tips and swaps you can make overtime when things start to run out:

〰️yogurt with added fruit and sugar with coconut yogurt
〰️switch to an unsweetened dairy-free alternative if you are struggling with digesting milk
〰️make a homemade dressing for the week in place of highly processed dressings
〰️swap fruit cups with fresh fruit
〰️swap dips and spreads with hummus or guacamole
〰️swap packaged meals with more leftovers
〰️swap your processed peanut butter for natural nut or seed butters
〰️replace puddings with homemade chia pudding
〰️replace pop with sparkling water
〰️replaces boxed nuggets and fish sticks with unprocessed sources of animal protein
〰️replace freezer meals with crockpot freezer bag meals
〰️replace ice cream bars with coconut ice cream if you are dairy-free


Here are some pantry staples that are perfect for those looking for healthier alternatives and allergen free options⁠

〰️organic coffee and teas when possible⁠
〰️swap processed grains with brown rice, quinoa, millet⁠
〰️swap processed flour with brown rice, chickpea, cassava, quinoa, almond, coconut flours⁠
〰️homemade energy bars or balls over store bought ones⁠
〰️sprouted protein or collagen over highly processed powders that have WAY too many ingredients⁠
〰️swap your processed peanut butter for natural nut or seed butters⁠
〰️coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil for cooking
〰️unsalted and unroasted nuts and seeds over premade trail mix
〰️nut and seed crackers over highly processed ones
〰️organic tomato sauces and dressings
〰️100% pure canned coconut
〰️chickpea, lentil, brown rice, or quinoa pasta as great gluten-free alternatives


〰️switch to a gluten-free, sourdough or sprouted bread
〰️fresh juice over store bought fruit juices
〰️goat or nut cheese if you have issues digesting dairy
〰️ghee or nut based butters again, if you have issues with dairy and I would still recommend butter over margarine
〰️pure maple syrup or natural honey as a sweetener
〰️sea salt over table salt
〰️local fruit when it's in season - eating more with the seasons is a great way to do this!
〰️organic coffee and teas when possible

I am sure I will think of more as soon as this post goes live but this is a good start!

Its not about throwing everything out and starting fresh. Start replacing things as they run out or just focus on a couple things to start. It may take some trial and error until you find a product or alternative that works for you!

Need some support with healthy eating, cooking and meal prep? Shoot me an email to learn more!

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