Reduce Puffy Skin & Inflammation with a Holistic Nutritionist-Prescribed Protocol

With the colder months ahead, it's time to give our skin a little TLC. But instead of using crazy scented lotions and questionable masks, focus on natural products, nutrition and non-invasive beauty tools! Many of us wake up puffier than our natural face shape should be, as a result of diet, lifestyle habits and more. I've got you covered with a holistic regimen to address the dreaded 'puffy face' and it pairs perfectly with your morning coffee or turmeric latte routine!

Below are three depuffing skincare tricks to keep you feeling alert and skin looking bright through the colder months: 

While we sleep, we tend to retain water in the face, neck and body. Your lymphatic system is your body's tool that helps to drain these regions. One great way to decrease inflammation is starting your day with an invigorating Gua Sha face massage: you'll get that facial lymph flushing, and move toxins from the sinuses out of the body. Although the Gua Sha was originally used for lymphatic drainage, many find it helps with muscle tension in their faces, especially the jaw area, as well as decreasing the looks of fine lines.

Follow-up with our favourite: The New New Age's Turmeric Honey Facial Mask. This mask contains organic curcumin-rich turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory known to visibly brighten and even skin tone, while reducing the look of pigmentation, redness, and visible signs of aging. It also strengthens the skin barrier to protect against environmental stressors and future irritants. Anti-microbial honey is the other key ingredient in this mask, which soothes and mend the skin.

Supplements/Foods to Reduce Puffiness in Skin:

Start your day with an anti-inflammatory golden milk latte, incorporate healthy fats like avocados, and omega-3 fatty acids in the form of a supplement or walnuts, hemp seeds or salmon.

Download your free Anti-Inflammatory Menu Plan HERE!

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