Entertain with Ease with this Simple Charcuterie Board

Entertain with Ease with this Simple Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are a great way to entertain while still eating healthy!

So what should you include in a charcuterie board?

This is really up to you but get creative and try some different combinations such as:

  • veggies: cucumber, celery, radish, carrots
  • fruit: grapes, berries, watermelon, apples
  • dips and spreads: hummus, olive oil and balsamic 
  • crackers, bread or chips
  • dried fruit: mango, apricot, figs
  • nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, pecans (try roasting them and adding spices)
  • protein: smoked salmon, shrimp, cured meats 
  • cheese: dairy or dairy-free - having a couple of options is great!
  • misc: olives, edible flowers, herbs, pickles 

The key is to have a mix of sweet and savoury, and different textures!

What is the best way to build your charcuterie board? 

There are a lot of different styles of platters (round, rectangular, etc) and ways you can build your board. Some people like to be more particular while others like to be a bit more free form. The best part is, is that there is really no one way to make them. You can also place small dishes throughout to hold things like hummus and other dips. 

My approach is:

  1. start with something in the middle like cheese or a dip
  2. then, if you plan on having other small dishes for dips and spreads, then place through throughout your board
  3. next, take larger items like cheese blocks or slices, followed by crackers and slices of meat
  4. then I like to fill the spaces with the smaller items like nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies 
  5. If you want to take it next level then you can add some fresh herbs or flowers 

Why personal MUST have charcuterie board ingredients: 

  • smoked salmon
  • prosciutto
  • nut-based cheese
  • grapes
  • olives
  • seed/grain crackers
  • berries



xo Nic

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