Second Trimester Life Updates

In this blog I am going to give all the second trimester life updates but before we get started, if you haven't already read it, you can read my First Trimester blog post here! In that blog post, I go from the very beginning and go over the good, bad and ugly because I think it's important to be transparent about all aspects of pregnancy!

At the time I am writing this blog post I am officially 25 weeks pregnant which is crazy. I found that the beginning of my pregnancy felt like a marathon especially when you are waiting to tell people and don't feel well. Once I got to the 20-week mark and had the anatomy ultrasound, I truthfully lost track of weeks.

In terms of updates during my second trimester, I am feeling MUCH better although not amazing.

From a physical standpoint, I am struggling with new ligament and sciatica pain which is unpleasant but not unbearable. It's moreso annoying because you begin to notice how much you use certain muscles in everyday activities. I even had to get Brendan to pick me up mid-walk because the pain came out of nowhere. I was already frustrated I couldn't work out to the same capacity so when I started getting pain while walking, that was a huge blow to my ego and is definitely something I need to work through.

I also went to pelvic floor physiotherapy at week 20 which was very informative so I have been doing stretches and exercises every morning and night to help support my body and prepare for birth. I will have another appointment end of September so closer to the time this blog post actually goes out. I am hoping to work on my back pain, continue to learn how to open up my hips and also learn more about pushing techniques.

In terms of nausea I am feeling so much better from my first trimester but I tried going off my meds again recently and it was a BAD IDEA. I decided that I am going to stay on them until the end of my pregnancy. I also recently had my baby shower and ate a lot of stuff I don't normally do so while I am writing this blog post I am actually recovering from like a week of stomach issues and nausea which I think it actually from the weekend.

In terms of fatigue, I don't need two naps a day like I did in my first trimester, THANK GOD but my fatigue is still pretty strong. Sometimes I wonder if its actually from my nausea meds because some people get so tired from them they would rather have nausea. I know fatigue is common during pregnancy but I feel like mine is next level still despite being better from my first trimester.

Now that is how I am doing physically so let's talk about mentally. Other than feeling like crap the week I wrote this which was mentally challenging and draining as I was ramping up for my Fall launch, I also feel like mentally I have been doing a lot better.

I was hardly able to function in my first trimester which was so challenging but now that I have a bit more energy I am feeling more myself. Then this past week (September 11th weekend), Brendan and I went to our prenatal class with our Doulas who are amazing. There were other couples there at different stages of their pregnancy and it was just a really cool experience. It was also cool to see Brendan so engaged and taking notes and wanting to do everything they recommended. I think that class brought us closer together and also made me feel much more empowered about the birthing process.

The following day was my baby shower at my parent's with my side of the family and my friends. I was able to see some family members I haven't been able to see during all of COVID. It was also supposed to rain and didn't and we ended up having the best day ever. It was so amazing to be surrounded by all these important women in my life. We also revealed the gender in a couple of sneaky ways so that was a lot of fun.

After that weekend and getting organized, learning and being with loved ones just put me in such a better space mentally. I know this baby is going to be loved and spoiled beyond belief (and already is) and that I will have so much support during my birth and postpartum from my doulas and family and friends.

In terms of other second trimester updates, I feel like there hasn't been much to report on but I will do my best to write a third-trimester blog post in December before the babe comes to update you on this last leg of my pregnancy journey!

If you have any questions about my first trimester or any other pregnancy-related questions, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram @randomwellnessco

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