Random Wellness Summit Platinum Sponsor: Purdy Natural

SUPER excited to announce that Purdy Natural is another one of our Platinum Sponsors for our FREE Random Wellness Summit event based out of London, ON, and starting February 2021!⁠

Purdy Natural was created from passion and drive from living a healthy lifestyle. We have been around for over 10 years just when the wellness boom exploded. Right place and time with a ton of drive. We are a local hub of natural skincare and wellness. We are a specially curated boutique selling everything from soaps, lotions, deodorants, locally made jewels to coffee and kombucha. We love spreading the word on natural health care, especially now more than ever, along with bringing community together.

Come get healthier with us and make change happen!! Purdy Natural is located at 111 Mount Pleasant Ave at Wharncliffe Rd N.⁠

www.purdynatural.ca / @purdynatural on instagram 

Don't forget to join the Random Wellness Summit event over on facebook for FREE here


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