Not all calories are created equally

I think it’s pretty safe to assume we have all heard of calorie counting and I am sure many of you have probably considered it and even done it but not all calories are created equally!

Yes, if you are in a caloric deficit you may lose weight. BUT you may not be getting enough nutrients and food to properly fuel your body and to get enough nutrients to support other body systems such as your hormones and digestion.

Plus, counting calories often leads to restriction, added stress, and body image issues.

The great news is that not all calories are created equally so you don’t really need to pay attention to them anyway if you are eating a well-balanced diet with lots of whole foods!

Here is a prime example: what do you think is healthier...100 calories of broccoli or 100 calories of Lays potato chips?

Let’s do another example: what do you think is healthier....100 calories or candy or 100 calories of spinach?

Foods like potato chips and candy are going to increase your blood sugar and result in a bunch of responses in your body.

Over time you can become insulin resistant and the hormone that controls your appetite will stop signaling your brain to let you know that you are full. These highly processed foods are also made to be addictive so you keep eating them and are more likely to lead to weight gain and obesity.

Now consuming broccoli on the other hand will not result in the same insulin response. Yes, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, for example, still contain carbohydrates but they are filled with fiber meaning they won’t spike your blood sugar in the same way. You also get fuller off these foods so your brain will actually clue in that it is time to stop eating.

Then there are the obvious benefits such as the nutrients and compounds in vegetables versus potato chips and candy which is essentially nothing. These nutrients can actually aid in daily bodily functions as well as long-term disease prevention whereas processed foods do the opposite.

Then there is the whole conversation around fat. Many people fear fat and animal protein because we have been led to believe for years that it will lead to obesity and heart disease.

Well, studies have concluded that the risk of certain diseases can actually be REDUCED by eating HEALTHY fats and HEALTHY proteins. So again not all calories are created equally.

Eating foods higher in fats like olive oil and animal protein may have more calories but these healthy fats cannot be compared to processed meats, sugars and packaged foods even if they again, do actually have more calories.

Although I am not here to promote the keto diet, it is a good example to showcase how a higher fat diet has helped people with severe conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, and cancer.

In conclusion, focus on QUALITY WHOLE FOODS and less on processed foods. Yes, you can still enjoy your favourite treats, pizza, and so on but try to incorporate whole foods as much as you can.

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