Non-Toxic Cleaning Resources

Many of theseNon-Toxic Cleaning Resources can be found in the health food section of your grocery store, and Amazon.

  • Stasher Bags instead of ziplock bags
  • Abeego Wraps instead of saran wrap
  • Pyrex glassware
  • Mason jars
  • Phantom Cookware - SIMPLYNIC10 for 10% off
  • Ceramic based pots - there are lots of brands out there and you can sometimes find good deals at Home Sense
  • Aspen - I like their all-purpose and bathroom cleaners
  • EcoMax - laundry detergent
  • Nature Clean - hand soap
  • Dr. Bronners Suds is also great for cleaning
  • Seventh Generation - I like their dish soap
  • Branch Basics which is now available in Canada!!!

Watch out for brands that advertise themselves as clean when they actually contain harmful ingredients such as “fragrance”

If you want to take a deep dive, be sure to check out my blog post here:

Here are some further quick tips from that post that I want to emphasize...

If you're overwhelmed on where to start, check out these tips:

  1. Reduce plastic where you can and/or look for BPA-free containers, bottles, etc. This is a tricky one because plastic is everywhere but simple ways of doing this are utilizing glass mason jars which are relatively affordable and you may already have some from things like pasta sauces. I also recommend glass storage containers for your leftovers and meal prep which bonus – your food will stay fresher as well.
  2. Look at what you cook in. I personally have some questionable frying pans? but once they get to the point of no return I know I will be looking into ones that don’t contain toxic ingredients which can leach into your food – yuck!
  3. Consider a water filtration system. Some are so good to the point they can take out key minerals so sometimes it may be helpful to add some trace minerals back into your water
  4. Get rid of air refreshers and crazy scented candles
  5. When some of your cleaning products run out, consider replacing them with cleaner options.
  6. Change your laundry detergent and dryer sheets. I know some people love the smell of laundry but its crazy how much the scents can impact your health. I recently got a free sample for a popular mainstream laundry detergent and decided to use it and it instantly gave me a headache and I had to rewash my clothes ?
  7. You can even add some houseplants which are great for filtering the air in your home!

Have questions about brands? Have your own brand recommendations? Comment below!

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