My First Trimester Experience

Ok, so in my last pregnancy-related blog post I shared all about how I found out I was pregnant, and in this blog, I am going to share all the nitty-gritty details about my first trimester experience.

So let’s actually go back to the day I found out I was pregnant because that is where it really started for me mentally even though I think I was considered around 5 weeks pregnant at that time. 

The day after I found out I was pregnant I called my doctor's office to book an initial appointment even though I was hoping for a midwife but they can take awhile to get into so I wanted to get the ball rolling. Right after that, I started to apply to midwife clinics in the area. It wasn’t right away but I actually got into one quite quickly which was amazing. 

I also mentioned to my doctor's office that day that I had been experiencing cramping for about a week in my left side which I figured was normal but I figured I should mention it. They told me if it doesn’t clear up in a couple of days to call them back. Well, it was the weekend by then and more than a couple of days later and it was still pretty intense so I had a doctor tell me to go to emerge on a Sunday to make sure it wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy.

Luckily after a crazy long emotional day by myself because of COVID, it was determined I did not have one but they wanted to monitor me since I was still experiencing pain for even days after that. 

A week later I had bloodwork done and another ultrasound done outside of the hospital. They told me it could be too early to really see anything since I was just at that tipping point but I actually was able to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks which is pretty crazy and my bloodwork came back all good.

Luckily after a while, the pain went away. I don’t know why it lasted for so long but sometimes I wonder if it has anything to do with my digestive issues but who knows.

After that crazy initial scare, I was starting to settle in but so were the first trimester symptoms. I feel like one day I was feeling myself and the next day I was hit by a truck. I needed two naps a day and was nauseated all day long. Not sure where morning sickness comes from because most women I talked to say they usually had it all day as well. If anything mine was actually worse near dinner time. I felt like I was not prepared for this sort of physical discomfort. I was still trying to run a business on my own while hardly being able to function which I will get into during a future post. Luckily all the women that I had to work with closely knew so that I wasn’t stressing about letting anyone down. Of course, everyone was so supportive and understanding and I am so grateful for their patience.

I am in my second trimester and am actually on a prescription for nausea which I didn’t get closer to the end of my first trimester because I just could not function and poor Brendan was having a hard time seeing me struggle so much every day. The meditation did and does help but I definitely have issues with feeling good in the evenings which is honestly fine in comparison to all-day nausea but hopefully by week 20 things will turn around (I am writing this during week 17). 

Of course, I knew about nausea and cravings in pregnancy and people disliking foods but I did NOT know to what extent food aversions would impact my life. Even when I wasn’t nauseated I only wanted very specific foods and sometimes meals. Suggest a meal cooked at home, NOPE, get the same meal from a very specific restaurant, count me in!

This was challenging for Brendan because although he is great at cooking its not as intuitive for him as it is for me so for him trying to make meals for me was definitely hard on the both of us. At times I would feel so guilty for being an annoying shit but I literally could not help it. One day we had hamburgers at his parents and later that week I hated them so much I had to stick kleenex up my nose from the smell even though he BBQ'd outside and another time I made him eat his hamburger outside by himself. I would even get grossed out if I smelled the neighbours BBQing. 

One of the biggest challenges for me was knowing that I wasn’t eating the foods I expected to eat a lot of during pregnancy such as iron-rich foods, eggs, and salmon. None of those appealed to me which again brought up feelings of guilt but when you feel so crappy you just get to the point where you literally do not care AT ALL. I honestly feel like I went into some sort of weird survival mode. 

Other than that I had a couple of horrendous headaches and one migraine which were actually stemming from my neck and all the weird weather we were having. Luckily my chiropractor was able to get me in right away and help me out because I am pretty sure I pinched a nerve in week 7 and then did something to tweak that area again in weeks 14-15. When you can’t take strong painkillers it can be a lot especially when you are already nauseated. Plus, if you have ever had migraines, they can also make me feel sick which is super fun. 

I also had some other things happen to me physically and emotionally in the first trimester. I was SUPER emotional in almost a funny way in the first few weeks. If I saw a commercial or Instagram reel of a cute old couple, I was a puddle. Another thing that happened right away was super sore boobs which they still are today but they were so painful for the first few weeks and they also grew right away which surprised me. Now they are itchy which is a whole other vibe. I feel like there were a lot of other weird things but I am also releasing a podcast about my first trimester so look out for that! 

The last thing I will say that is crazy about your first trimester, at least for me is that there is almost a weird disconnect between what is happening internally and mentally. 

I knew I was pregnant and I knew why I wasn’t feeling well but because I didn’t start showing until week 16 and didn’t have any medical appointments until really week 6 plus my midwife appointment over the phone, I would honestly say to Brendan “Am I really pregnant” fully knowing I was but also not feeling that bond that I thought I would. 

Now that I am showing its much more real and just having another appointment but I will save those details for my second-trimester blog post! 

If you have any questions about my first trimester or any other pregnancy-related questions, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram @randomwellnessco

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