How to Simplify Your Health

As humans, we tend to overcomplicate everything and this includes our mornings, our health, and our work so this post is dedicated to How to Simplify Your Health!

What if I told you things don’t have to be so complicated?

Yes, making changes in your life can be overwhelming if you are changing lots of things at once but if you break it down and create clear priorities, these things will just become a part of your everyday life and habits.

So here are some tips to help you simplify your health and your life.

  1. Meal Planning - this is one of the main topics that we cover this month so I won’t get into the specifics but even roughly planning your meals in advance will take out the guesswork during the week or while you are grocery shopping.

    1. If you don’t want to meal plan utilize the meal plans in the group or reach out for custom meal plans

  2. Meal prep - again this is one of the topics covered this month but even doing light prep (cutting/washing) can be a game changer

  3. Meal Kits - if you have the budget for it, you could also dedicate even a night a week to a meal kit program. This is great if you are short on time but want a quality meal.

  4. Use a click a collect service for your groceries and save commonly purchased items for quick check out

  5. Add your workouts to your calendar - if you are like me and use YouTube for a lot of your workouts, add the link into your calendar so you don’t have to waste time searching for something. Try to plan for at least a week in advance.

  6. Follow and consistent sleep schedule - I know this is challenging for a lot of parents but this is an essential task we should all strive for

  7. Swap out one toxic product for a non-toxic alternative at a time - your hormones will thank you!

  8. Invest in a reusable water bottle you can bring everywhere to encourage you to drink more water

  9. Declutter your kitchen to make things easier to find and actually encourage you to utilize tools you may already have like your slow cooker, blender, or food processor

  10. If budget allows, stock up on bulk items. It can be helpful to have certain ingredients always ready to go so you don’t have excuses not to make something. This can be common baking ingredients, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, and so on.

  11. Don’t buy into every new health food and health product. If you are overwhelmed but want to eat healthy stick to the basics: vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, meat, spices, herbs. This also goes for wellness trends or lifestyle changes. If you are overwhelmed by the thought of dry brushing and using a gua sha, then don’t start there. Instead, start with the basics such as light movement, sleep and stress all of which are FREE!

  12. Get outside and take a few deep breaths

  13. If you can add just 1 supplement - I recommend vitamin D!

  14. Find balance - avoid restricting yourself and find ways to enjoy all the foods you love. It’s about nourishing your body but also finding balance and enjoyment in life.

  15. Ask for help - if you find that you are overwhelmed or need support, let us know! That is one of the reasons this community was created and if you need 1:1 support that option is always there for you!

What is one thing you are going to try?

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