Healthy Watermelon Collagen Gummies

If you want a healthy and tasty treat then you need to try these Watermelon Collagen Gummies. Don't have a gummy bear mold? No worries! I also show you how to make these gummies by simply using a baking dish or glass dish.⁠

All you need is gelatin, pure watermelon juice, water and sweetener if you wish.⁠


  • 2 cups pure watermelon juice
  • 6 tbsp gelatin


  • Add juice to a sauce pan and heat until hot but not boiling
  • Slowly add in 1/2-1 tbsp of gelatin at a time and use a whisk to avoid clumping
  • Once the gelatin is mixed pour it into your gummy bear molds or you can even pour it into the bottom of a baking sheet, muffin tins or glass tupperware.
  • Let cool and set in the fridge for an hour or so

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