Finding ease in a chaotic world by Lisa Simmons

Finding ease in a chaotic world can happen! It’s not lost on anyone that the past 14+ months have been difficult.

We have been faced with new normals and with these new normals come new (and/or old) emotions and patterns.

For some, we are seeing life through foggy glasses and for others, you’re seeing more clear.

For those who desire to wipe those glasses clean and see the world with the same or more ease than before, this blog is for you.


I’ve experienced seeing the “breaking point” with many of my clients in the past 14 months. They’re experiencing burnout physically and emotionally - maybe you can relate too?!

Many are:

Outputting more energy to friends and family.

Living in paranoia they’ll get sick.

Feeling they should help others since we are supposed to be ‘in this together’

People pleasing.

Pretending to be something they're not.

The list could go on and on.

Here’s what I desire you to know:

It’s ok to say no. In fact, I encourage it as much as possible. Many of us drain our energy by serving others before we serve ourselves and at this time (and frankly, anytime) we need to put ourselves first. This isn’t selfish, it’s the opposite.

Reevaluate. How are you moving through life? Are you feeling you should be at point “x” because your high school bestie is? Are you feeling inefficient because you can’t wake up at 6 am and do that self-care everyone says is “so great”. Here’s the thing - not everyone is designed to function well with a strict schedule (I'm one of them - I thrive with an open calendar where I can change things whenever I desire).

Simplify. Those lists you’re making... if they don’t feel good - burn them! Just kidding, just ditch them. And if they feel good but overwhelming, make them and pick the top 1-2 things each day that are non-negotiable to complete.

The above isn’t rocket science, I know. My desire for you is to simply know and understand that we aren’t all cut from the same cloth. We are all designed to move at a different pace and respond to life in a way that’s natural for us.

With each client who experienced burnout, I always go back to basics.

Are they following their desires?

Where in their life can they ditch things that aren’t bringing them joy?

Are they following their unique design type? Are they acting in way that signals to the universe they’re “all in” for the journey home to their purpose.

The journey for me has always been leaning into my design. Following my design type of a generator first, then following my strategy of responding and sacral authority to answer with a solid yes or no. The icing on the cake here is ease.

Ease is a result of your alignment to your authentic blueprint aka your human design. Ease comes when we allow our design to lead. Ease comes when we surrender to who we are meant to be, do what feels good and say goodbye to what doesn’t.

If life feels chaotic, ask yourself - are you following your design's strategy?

Generators and Manifesting Generators - sit back and allow the universe to send you ‘the goods’, then respond with an authentic yes or no. Don’t go out and search for it.

Projectors - allow yourself to be seen and wait for the invitation to move, give advice or do the damn thing. Don’t initiate.

Manifestors - show up, be bold and inform us on how you’re going to revolutionize the world we’re living in. No waiting around when you have the urge to move.

Reflectors - take your time and collect wisdom as you wait for a lunar cycle to decide what to do next. Don’t rush the process or you will hit resistance.

Whichever design you are, know you are always supported. Supported by the universe and if you’re open to it, supported by your authentic blueprint.

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Sending you so much love!



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