Do a Full-Body Skin Detox with A Unique Localized Clay Mask Technique

With the colder months ahead, it's time to give our skin a little TLC. But instead of using crazy scented lotions and questionable masks, focus on natural products, nutrition and non-invasive beauty tools. If you are struggling with clogged pores or just feel like you need to hit the reset button on your skin, this regimen is for you! 

Below are three skincare hacks to detox the skin and set you up for glowing success through these colder months:

A great way to help detoxify and exfoliate the skin on body or face is through dry brushing. Focusing on the face, there are special Dry facial skin brushes made with softer bristles designed to be gentle on your face, while still actively removing dead skin cells and promoting blood flow to the face. Dry brushes giving a similar light massage to Gua Shas. Gentle movements are all you need to induce lymphatic drainage. Start your day using your dry facial brush with a hydrating & detoxifying warm lemon water to get those detox channels awake and moving.

Now that you have unearthed fresh, clean skin, you're ready to draw any leftover toxins out of the pores. Follow up with our favourite blend of 3 unique clays by The New New Age, their Cosmetic Clay Face MaskThe Bentonite, French Green Clay and Moroccan Red Clay work synergistically to draw out toxins, exfoliate, plus may also help with acne and scarring.

HOT TIP: Double-Down on the Detox by applying a Cosmetic Clay Mask to your Pits! Why not give them some detox loving as well? After all, this is one of the bigger detox channels in your body so give it some extra help.  And follow up with toxin-free Routine deodorant to feel extra fresh. 

Supplements/Foods to Detox Skin: 

Hydrating foods like cucumber, celery, and liver supportive foods such as cruciferous vegetables and fiber.

Download your Free Skin Detox Menu Plan HERE!


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