Carrot cake energy ball recipe

Carrot cake energy ball 

You don't have to feel like a rabbit when you are eating carrots and can add them to my carrot cake energy ball recipe. This sweet vegetable makes the perfect snack on-the-go but also adds bulk to main dishes. Plus, they are almost available all year long in Ontario!

Carrots contain high levels of:

  • -vitamin A
  • -vitamin K
  • -vitamin C
  • -Carrots also contain antioxidants such as beta-carotene

It's the high level of vitamin A that give carrots its reputation for supporting eye health. They may also support liver, brain, heart and immune health.

How to use them:

  • -in soups and stews
  • -raw with hummus
  • -cut up into salads
  • -shredded into oats
  • -into baked goods
  • -as a holiday side dish
  • -juiced
  • -baked with spices, herbs and oils 



  1. Add all the ingredients to a food processor
  2. Remove and form into balls
  3. store in the fridge

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