Branch Basics Review

Branch Basics was SUPER generous in gifting me with their starter kit when they became available in CANADA so I wanted to do an honest Branch Basics Review! I have seen so many uses and rave about Branch Basics in the United States so when they offered to send me some and told me it was available in Canada, I was THRILLED!

If you know me, you know I am super passionate about non-toxic living. Toxic products can impact so many areas of our health including our digestion and hormones. Luckily there are more non-toxic cleaning options on the market but there are definitely some that are better than others.

And let me tell you, Branch Basics is definitely a brand I can get behind!

Not only do their products work great but they are refillable and most of their products only need water and their concentrate so it makes refilling and restocking super easy.

Here is a breakdown of each product and my thoughts!

Hand soap (not pictured): Love the foaming action of this hand soap and that when I run out all I need to do is fill it with water and their concentrate. Hand soap is something we go through more frequently so it's nice to know we always have the ingredients to quickly make more.

All-Purpose Cleaner: This is perfect for your everyday messes. I just keep it under the sink for a quick counter and sink cleaning option. I have even sprayed this on fruit. If you have an extra messy dish or surface you can also pair it with the oxygen boost and let it sit for a bit!

Oxygen Boost: this is probably one of the most beloved Branch Basic products. You can add it to your laundry, stubborn messes around the house, or even soak your runners and other things in it. I really like using this for the bottom of our white bathroom which usually needs a little extra TLC.

Bathroom Cleaner: I use this multiple times a week on the counter and sink but its also good for all bathroom surfaces! A classic we all need.

Glass cleaner: Ok I was super skeptical about this one BUT it actually works amazing and I feel like you don't need to use that much at all. I am used to using Windex where you spray a ton of it on your windows and mirrors but with this, a little goes a long way!

All in all, I will definitely keep using these products and also try out new things with them like cleaning my white running shoes and creating other dilutions for things around the house.

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