How to change with the seasons Free Fall Intuitive Eating/Living Guide + Menu Plan

Are you changing with the seasons?

I can definitely feel the shift when the seasons being to change. As someone who enjoys the heat, I always dreaded winter but over time I realized how lucky we are in countries like Canada to have distinct seasons.

I think many of us feel a collective shift in energy around the changing of seasons, or equinoxes, such as shifting into fall. For many, moving into fall embodies the time of year to get back into routines, reset, and get organized. Perhaps its time to set new goals, head back to school (or have kids heading back), and this more introverted time of year also means going inwards and listening to your body-- reconnecting with both its physical and mental needs.

1. From a nutrition standpoint, our body is always giving us signals and signs of what it wants but the trick is that we actually have to take the time to listen. 

You may have noticed is that the foods you crave change from season to season. Sometimes, it's easy to notice that you and your needs are shifting with the seasons, but its often hard to know why or what you're wanting.  

Some changes that occur in the body as we move into fall:

-changes in weight

-changes in energy levels

-changes in mood

Obviously, your body might not crave a cold green smoothie in the middle of January.

Although this may sound like an easy task, taking the time and recognizing what your body needs from a nutritional and even sometimes emotional standpoint can be HARD. After years of ignoring your body, it may take a long time to get to that place. Just be patient and stick with it as best as you can.

That is why I created the FREE Fall Intuitive Eating and Living Guide which includes: 

  • intuitive eating for the fall
  • intuitive living for the fall
  • 21 day wellness challenge
  • fall-friendly menu plan & guide

Although I mentioned some of this already, I want to emphasize the importance of taking the time to listen to your body in order to understand what it wants and needs. Eating differently as the season's change is a great place to start practicing intuitive eating, eating locally and supporting our bodies.

Here are some of my top tips for eating intuitively in the fall months:

  • Stick to locally grown produce: This will depend on where you live but if you can get local apples, squashes and root veggies from a local farmer's market, that is an easy way to eat with the seasons. With that being said, there are limitations depending on where you live so if you want avocado in the middle of the fall, then have it!
  • Practice mindful eating: slow down when you eat, remove distractions such as your phone or TV, put your fork down between bites, and chew your food until it is mush
  • Incorporate more warm dishes: you may notice that you start to crave less salads and smoothies in the fall months and that is completely normal! If you have these mental cues, you are already on your way to eating intuitively. Start incorporating more oatmeal, soups, stews, warm chia pudding, eggs, trail mix, chili, and grain bowls.
  • Go with the flow: what your body wants and needs may change from day-to-day so honour it and don't force it to eat things just because its "healthy"

As a nutritionist, I naturally tend to talk more about food and nutrition but the lifestyle portion is just as important as the intuitive eating part. The way we live, the stress we experience, and the ways we approach life not only impact our mental state but also our physical bodies in the form of digestion, hormones and so on!

Here are some of my top tips to living intuitively in the fall months:

  • Get outside! This is probably one of my top tips because if you live somewhere where it tends to get cooler during the fall months, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get outdoors. With that being said, there is no better way to connect with the seasons and nature. Whether its a long walk or a quick break to breathe in some fresh air, I highly recommend you get outside!
  • Slow down: just like eating, it's time to focus more inwards and slow down. The back-to-school rush can make things seem hectic but really we should be taking this time to spend time with people we love, doing things we enjoy and not rushing from one thing to the next as we do during the summer.
  • Practice self-care: I know self-care is a super trendy topic right now but what better way is there to live intuitively than to ask your body how it needs to be cared for?! Does it need a warm bath to soothe muscles? Does it need to take a break from work? Does it need less time on social media?
  • Create a consistent sleep schedule: I don't mean consistent to the point that it can never change but just in terms of getting back into a routine after the summer. If time allows (or perhaps try on the weekend) try seeing when your body naturally wants to go to bed and when it wakes up. Everyone's circadian rhythm is different so if your schedule allows, you may want to switch up your routine.

Want to learn more? Or join the 21-Day Intuitive Living Challenge? Or just want a free fall-inspired menu plan? Download the free guide here!


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