An Introduction to Womb Healing with Jess Lowe

Have you heard of womb healing? Historically speaking, women are stronger when they're together. For centuries, we've gathered in groups in order to successfully heal and support ourselves within our communities. The bond of sisterhood can take many forms and feels unique to each women. From the New York Radical Women gathering over 50 years ago-to the more recent #metoo movement, we have been shown that when we come together, we are unstoppable.

For me, sisterhood means support, it means unconditional love and acceptance.

I originally got the 'ping' to dive deeper within the womb when I was attending a virtual mini-retreat with a group of powerful, highly intuitive women. One of the women spearheading the retreat is a medium and gave us an individual reading. When it was my turn, she immediately said you have to work with women and their now.


One of the other women witnessing this reading, private messaged me and said 'I know exactly who you need to speak with'.

Ok Universe..I see you.

That person, was Denise Elizabeth Byron. And boy, did the universe deliver. Her kind and knowledgable nature was something I was yearning for and instantly felt a soul connection. I knew this is the teacher I've been looking for...this is direction I need to go in.

Denise is the creator of Sensuous Wisdom™ Programs which includes Embodiment Practices that are rooted in the teachings of powerful women in her own life as well as our collective, ancient, and innate ‘knowing'.

In Denise's words, "The embodiment of this ‘dance’ is the foundation and essence of what brings a woman into full expression of herself. The ‘practice’ applies to all areas of our lives. Becoming even more of who we are, radiating our sensuality, healing our wounded selves, claiming our innate gifts, and living with awareness, vitality, and love is just the beginning of Sensuous Wisdom™.

The best way I know to describe this movement or ‘dance’ is to say that is not a choreographed dance! It is much more like a flow yoga. Much of the embodied practice is based in the movement that arises when a woman is in touch with her deepest power that is ‘sourced’ from a connection to her own body, her own rhythm, and her own pleasure."


How many of us think of our own pleasures first?

Hear me when I say this, since starting this practice, I have felt more alive and connected to myself like never before. Tapping into my body, into my rhythm, into my pleasure has been absolutely life-changing. It's like unravelling a screw that has been lodged into my creative 'socket' for so many years.

I feel free.

Free to express my creativity, my sensuality, my thoughts, my feelings.

Without shame or fear of ridicule.

And every time I dance, is a whole new experience. Diving deeper and deeper into what it means to be myself. To connect with the power that is (and always has been) inside of me. That intuitive knowing that I've been suppressing is finally free and my inner goddess is fully lit up!

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Kind regards,
Jessica Lowe
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