An introduction to slowing down time by Olivia Heine

Time is a tricky topic which is why I wanted to introduce you to the idea of slowing down time.

Most of us don’t feel like there’s enough of it, and we spend our lives at war with a concept that is pretty much an illusion. Unlike money, love, or success, time is actually finite. There are only so many minutes in an hour and days in a year, even though time often feels expansive when the days just cycle on and on.  Still, most of us want more of it, but we’re not willing to do the work that would allow for that outcome.

I am so incredibly interested in the topic of time, how we spend it, how we feel about it, how it affects us, because how we spend our time is quite literally our lives. 

This often creates the feeling of “oh snap, you’re right - every second counts.” Well, yes and no. The point is not to get you overly sentimental about time “running out” (again there’s that feeling of not having enough time) or make you feel stressed that you have to use every second wisely and productively.

In order to shift your relationship with time, create more of it, and feel more at ease with the flow of time, the goal is to actually slow down. When you slow down, your concept of time slows down.

Your pleasure is your power

If you’re anything like me, the start of my journey to becoming intentional was a battle between wanting to feel more aligned in my life with my choices and how I was spending my time, and the inner pull towards wanting to do more, be more, and achieve more. 

The secret to starting a new relationship with time and stepping into living in alignment is to slow down. 

However, actually doing the slowing down (as aforementioned) can feel like swimming upstream. The reason for this being, we are taught to value work and productivity. We were taught that our value correlates with how much we can get done and that output matters most. So when we slow down, we are going against those dominant belief systems of work.

Getting grounded and slowing down comes down to taking back your pleasure power. 

Rest has its own spot on the pleasure scale (amongst many other things that we don’t have time to dive into in this post;)). Things that we do for rest are often labeled as “guilty pleasures” such as a fun but unproductive show or we simply feel guilty for giving ourselves time to take a Saturday afternoon nap.

Just take a moment to reflect if this is you, even if just in a small way. 

However, slowing downtime in order to create more of it, starts by taking back your pleasure power. The first step to doing this is to ground yourself in your worth for receiving pleasure (in this case in the form of rest). 

So allow me to tell you this: You are inherently worthy. You are already enough. You don’t have to do anything to be allowed rest. You don’t have to accomplish something to be deserving of rest. Rest is not a reward. Go take your rest right now. Slow down and ground yourself in this moment and watch your time expand.

It’s all in the alignment 

When I coach and teach on alignment, I start with alignment in work. Since we have been talking about creating more time, we need to look at where most of our time is being spent. Work takes center stage in most of our lives and it’s where about one third of our time throughout our entire lives goes.

Being in alignment means being clear on your intentions and your values, so you know how to make decisions, create boundaries, and feel the way you want to feel. It also allows you to actually become more productive - but in an aligned way - so that you can achieve more by doing less. 

The reason being, that when you are in alignment, you are also in FLOW. That means the process feels easeful and effortless. And that, my friends, is the ultimate goal.

That is when you get things done quickly with this ease because you have truly slowed down. And then you have time to get grounded. Well actually, you need to get grounded FIRST and then you get into the flow and then you have more time again… it’s sort of like that chicken or the egg conversation. 

Ultimately, the result is the same: you stay in alignment. 

Where to start creating more time 

Creating more time starts by becoming Aligned AF. And as I mentioned before, when you are aligned AF you actually are able to become productive AF but in the RIGHT way.

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