Allow Beauty to Come From Boredom by Martina Biljan

Have you ever stopped to Allow Beauty to Come From Boredom?

I was coaching a 1:1 client and we were talking about ‘to-do’ lists. Hers is so long that it gives her anxiety, and feels overwhelming. This lovely entrepreneur client of mine is a fantastic example of doing, doing, doing. She felt that if she didn't do something when it was quiet, everything would fall apart.

This idea where we have to fill every moment of our lives with something ‘productive,’ or else it means we won’t be successful, worthy, loved, wealthy, validated. We reward this behaviour. The running around, checking things off our lists, looking to others for answers, and yet never feeling like we’ve made it, or ‘gotten ahead.’ It’s designed that way for a reason. However, when we take away the distraction, noise, and need to fill time and space, who knows what magic could come through?

We do not celebrate the quiet, slow, peace, life. This is why we feel SO uncomfortable doing nothing and being bored. We have been programmed to fill this space with something - anything - or else it means we will fall behind.

Ask yourself, “Can I be bored?”

This may feel extremely uncomfortable for many of us. I don’t mean mindlessly bored, filling spaces with Netflix to distract from it. I mean, just the empty nothingness of space.

A good friend of mine introduced this concept with child play. She allows her kids to get bored. We see this a lot in this new generation, how quick we are to entertain them, so that they don’t get bored. Give them an iPad, set up their toys, lead the play with them, put on a video, and make sure they are ‘busy.’ I also understand that this gives parents a break too, but having to come up with their play is also work. Gone are the days where we had to 'figure it out,' on our own.

We have lost the art of doing nothing, and allowing our creative play to come through naturally. I see this with adults too. Work hard all day, make lists on lists, plug into the tv, listen to a podcast, crash from overwhelm, and wonder why we are so exhausted.

What if we just let it all go?
How would you feel?
What would you do with that time and space?
What magic would come through?

What if...?

What if you just allowed for the beauty of space, time and wild dreaming?

What if you could just be bored?
Wouldn't that just be beautiful?

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