10 Ways to Spice Up Your Cooking

Do you ever get into a recipe rut and cook the same thing over and over again or use the same spice blend? Or maybe you're one of those people who has spices in jars that aren't even made anymore because they are so old. Let's STOP that!

Healthy cooking can be made so much better with a few basic spices and herbs but before we even go there, please go throw out any old spices and herbs in your spice cabinet!

I also want to point out that the price and quality can make a big difference in your cooking. Fresh and higher quality herbs for example are more fragrant and will really up to your cooking game.

Instead of overwhelming you with a million herbs and spices, I chose 10 great ones you can add to your cooking today!


  • There are many varieties of basil but the one I am talking about today is your typical culinary basil
  • Basil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and can help regulate blood sugar
  • I personally love adding fresh basil to homemade pesto, pizza and Thai-inspired dishes but you can also add dried basil to the same dishes and add it to roasted veggies, salad dressings and more!

Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Ceylon is higher quality cinnamon than your regular cassia cinnamon which is likely the one you picked up at the grocery store. I still like to use regular ol' cinnamon in my baking but in my everyday cooking I recommend ceylon cinnamon for its taste but also because regular cinnamon can be toxic when used in excess
  • Cinnamon is known for its blood sugar balancing properties and also supporting digestion


  • In my opinion garlic is an underrated superfood. It stimulates blood flow and studies have been done to look at how it lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, stabilizes blood sugar, it can support your during cold and flu season and also help with digestion (parasites, candida, H. pylori and more!)
  • Easy to add to pasta, nourish bowls, stir frys, roasted veggies, animal protein, salad dressings


  • Ginger is a powerful root that is anti-microbial, anti-viral, helps with nausea and motion sickness, and help with cramping from PMS, boost circulation and also support digestion and reduce gas and bloating
  • I personally love adding it to soups, Asian inspired sauces/dishes, in tea and juicing it with celery, cucumber and lemon


  • Another powerful root that is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and also helps with digestion
  • Juice it, use the powdered form in golden milk lattes, add to curries and soups or blend the root or powder with ginger and lemon for wellness "shots"


  • Thyme is seriously underrated. Not only does it add great flavor but it also aids in digestion and is antispasmodic, supports our respiratory system and is an immuno-stimulant.
  • I like adding it to chicken and fish dishes or roasted veggies


  • Sage is a powerful herb that can help with cognitive and mental health, support oral health, and support reproductive health
  • I like adding it to chicken and fish dishes or roasted veggies


  • Dill has been studied for is effects on cholesterol, improving milk supply in mothers, supporting digestion in patients with H. pylori, and can also help with cramping
  • Try adding dill to your potato or tuna salad, salad dressings or add to your pickled veggies for an extra burst of flavour


  • Parsley is not just something we sprinkle on top of garlic bread!
  • It has been studied for impacts on kidney stones, bladder health, liver health, infections, and digestion
  • Many people like it in Italian-inspired dishes, as well as dressings and dips, roasted veggies, falafel, fresh salads, and juicing!


  • Last but not least is the potent oregano
  • Oregano is known for its high antioxidant content and is useful for colds, flues and is anti-bacterial
  • Add it to your pasta, pizza sauce, roasted veggies, meat, and more!

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