10 ways to create a home that inspires wellness every day

Check out these 10 ways to create a home that inspires wellness every day if you are looking to create more calm in your space. Creating a home that inspires you a healthy life can be done a lot easier than you may think. Yes, there are big changes you can make but there are also smaller more actionable things you can do over time.

When your home is calm and set up in a way that inspires you and makes room (physically and metaphorically) to live a healthier life you are more likely to live that lifestyle every day.

10 ways to create a home that inspires wellness every dayThings you can do or add to make your house more wellness-focused:

  1. First and foremost, declutter. You would be surprised by how much visible clutter and even clutter stored away in your basement can impact your mental wellbeing. There is even studies that look at how the past and traumas can cause people to hold onto things. Keep things you need, duh, and if you hesitate, you likely don't need it. In terms of keepsakes, focus on things that bring you positive memories. You can even take photos of some of the items and declutter them. For example, if you have a bunch of medals and trophies from when you were a kid.  
  2. Rearrange your kitchen so healthy food and appliances are more accessible. Read my pantry organization blog post to learn more!
  3. Always tidy up after yourself and don't procrastinate on things like making your bed and cleaning your dishes. 
  4. Decorate with things that bring you joy. I personally lean more towards the minimal side of things but 
  5. Add house plants are a great addition for decor purposes, cleansing your air and boosting your mood
  6. Add a designated home gym and/or yoga space. This can be a large area or it can be a place where you can leave your yoga mat for a quick stretch or home workout. I personally have my home gym in our basement which is only somewhat finished. We painted our cement floors and painted the wood paneling to brighten it up which made a huge difference!
  7. Add a designated meditation area or place where you can read or simply be calm. Again this can be a larger space or it can simply be a designated space for your meditation pillow or even a comfy chair where you can read and journal. Leave this area clutter-free and make it cozy with pillows, candles, incense or whatever it may be. 
  8. Swap toxic products with non-toxic products such as candles, cleaning products, and personal care products 
  9. If you have a home office, then give that a good declutter, streamline things using your devices as much as possible and keep your desk clear and organized. You can also consider investing in a standing desk, ergonomic chairs, laptop stands and so on.  
  10. Paint your walls with bright colours or colours that bring you joy!

I also did a video talking about creating a calm home so check it out HERE on YouTube!

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